A Buyer’s Guide to Cycle Brands in India

Cycle Brands in India (G to Z)

Ghost Bikes

Ghost is a German brand which started off in 1993 by two friends who named their first hardtail, Lector. They were inspired by the movie Hannibal, in which the protagonist ate up his victims much like their bike which ate the trails!

Ghost primarily produces MTBs and a handful of city hybrids as well.

Suncross Bikes sells Ghost cycles in India.

You can check out the Indian range of Ghost Bikes on the Suncross Bikes Website.

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles is one of the largest cycle manufacturers in the world. The Taiwanese company started in 1972 and started producing bikes under the Giant brand in 1981.

The global brand has bikes in every segment and is also an OEM producer for other brands. It is currently present in over 50 countries worldwide.

In 2008, the company started the female specific Liv brand.

In India, Giant Bicycles has tied up with Element Retail. Road, TT, hybrid, foldies, MTB, gravel and women specific bikes are currently available in the country.

You can see the entire range of Giant Bicycles on the Giant India Website.

GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles is a California based company founded in 1979. Dorel Industries owns GT now. The same owners as that of Cannondale.

This American bicycle manufacturer has been primarily into the sport of mountain biking and actually started by producing BMX bikes.

But one of their biggest claims to fame was the GT Superbike. A track bike eventually deemed illegal by the UCI.

Track & Trail sells GT Cycles in India.

You can check out the range of GT MTBs on the T&T Website.

Hercules Cycles

Hercules was originally a British brand incorporated in 1910. Tube Investments bought the company in 1946. TI partnered with the Murugappa Group in Chennai, to form TI India, and produce Hercules (India) cycles.

By 1955, ‘India’ was dropped from the brand name and it has henceforth been known as Hercules. The brand eventually died out in the UK, but is one of the strongest in TI India’s arsenal.

The Hercules MTB was a bestseller,which most Indian millennials will remember riding and maybe even owning.

Today Hercules has tied up with Marvel Comics, to produce superhero bicycles for kids. The company also has entry level MTBs, kids bikes and their mainstay, roadsters.

You can check out the entire range on the Hercules Cycles Website.

Hero Cycles

When you talk about cycle brands in India. The first name which comes to mind is Hero Cycles.

Hero Cycles, established in 1956 in Ludhiana, has been growing ever since. Currently producing 5.2 million cycles per annum.

The company used to previously only sell entry level bikes, but in the last decade and a half, they have moved up the premium ladder. Hero bought over Firefox, as well as starting their own premium brand UT.

You can check out the range on Hero Cycles Website.

Huge Cycles

Huge Cycles is a Ludhiana based company which has been around for 5 years.

The company produces a range of entry level MTBs and hybrids. It also has a sister brand named, Gang bikes.

You can check out their range on the Huge Cycles Website.

Contributed by: Pushkar Kashalikar

Jamis Bikes

One of the lesser known cycle brands in India, Jamis Bikes is a recent addition to the local market.

Unlike many other brands, this American company started off with beach cruisers in 1979. In fact they were one of those who started off the trend.

The company later on did diversify into road and MTBs as well, but their original bike still makes them stand apart.

Unique Innovations sells this Florida brand. UI World sells Jamis’ hybrid range of bicycles.

You can view all the cycles on the UI World Website.


Java is a bicycle company founded in China in 2002. The company claims that the bikes are designed in Italy.

This Chinese company produces bikes in every segment.

Mumbai based Unique Innovations sells Java bicycles in India. They stock foldies, MTB, road and hybrid bikes.

You can check out the entire range of Java bikes on the UI World Website.

Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes is a Canadian company with its roots in mountain biking. Since 1988, when it started, the company has now branched into every discipline in cycling.

Kona also has a social project, in which it builds and donates bikes for use in Botswana. The Kona Africabike is used by healthcare professionals treating HIV/ AIDS patients.

Ensign Sports imports and distributes Kona Bikes in India.

You can get in touch with them for their range on the Kona Bikes India Facebook page.

Contributed by: Pushkar Kashalikar

Kross Bikes

Kross Bikes is an enterprise from the Munjal family of India. The family from where Hero Cycles originates. Kross Bikes is from one of the family branches.

The Ludhiana based company makes entry level MTBs and hybrids for the Indian market.

You can see the entire range of bicycles on the Kross Bikes Website.

La Sovereign

Ludhiana based La Sovereign, is another local cycle brands in India, which is a joint venture. Thailand based cycle manufacturer La joined hands with Indian Sovereign to produce and market these bikes.

The bicycles are produced by La in Thailand and sold in India by the local partner.

Besides La Sovereign, there are a number of sub-brands, including, X-Bicycle, Romet, Voom, Infinite and Angry Birds for kids.

You can view the entire range of cycles on the La Sovereign Website.

Lapierre Bikes

Lapierre Bikes is a French bicycle manufacturer. Gaston Lapierre founded it in 1946.

The Dijon manufacturer which started off manufacturing 6000 bikes a year at inception, now sells 90000 bikes a year. Lapierre made a name for itself in the 80s by being an early adopter of the sport of mountain biking. Few other European cycle brands were producing MTBs at that point of time.

Top athletes use Lapierre Bikes. At the highest level of both road racing and mountain biking.

In India, Suncross Bikes, imports and sells Lapierre cycles.

You can check out the road and MTB collection on the Suncross Bikes Website.

Look Cycle

Look Cycle is another French cycling brand in India. The company was established in 1951 and only got into the cycling industry in 1983, with their game changing clipless pedals.

The company started producing carbon bicycles in the latter half of the 80s. Even today, Look is the industry leader in clipless pedal systems.

Mumbai based Longshine imports Look Cycles. You can get in touch with them for Look Cycles on their Website.

Mach City

Mach City bicycles is another brand of Chennai based TI Cycles.

TI has kept this brand separate from the rest. As Mach City is focused on hybrid bikes only. These hybrids are available as single speeds and geared variants.

These simple bikes are excellent for commuting as your second bike.

You can view the complete range of hybrids on the Mach City Website.

Marin Bikes

Marin’s lineage lies in the birthplace of mountain biking, California. The company was founded in 1986 and was firmly rooted to the dirt.

5 years later, Marin Bikes started making road and city hybrid bikes as well.

Pune based UberActive Ventures imports Marin Bikes in India.

You can check out the entire range of Marin Bikes on the UberActive Venture Website.

Merida Bikes

Merida Bikes is a Taiwanese cycle manufacturer. It was founded in 1972. The company started off operations as an OEM for other brands and in 1988 established the brand Merida.

Since then Merida has been producing cycles for many brands and is one of the largest in the world today with its presence in 77 countries. The company’s R&D team is based in Germany.

Merida Bikes produces cycles in every segment of the market and also sponsors teams at the elite level of the sport.

In India, Extreme Adventure Sports, based in Noida, import and distribute Merida Bikes.

You can check out the range of Merida Bikes in India on the EAS Website.

Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose Bikes was founded in California in 1974. Their first cycle was a BMX bike.

The American company even today specialises in BMX and to some extent mountain bikes. The BMX scene to a great extent was influenced by Mongoose Bikes.

In India, TI Cycles’ import and sell Mongoose’s BMX range.

You can check out their bikes on the Track & Trail Website.

Montra Bikes

Montra Bikes is an in-house brand of Chennai based TI Cycles. The brand offers premium products as compared to other cycles under the TI umbrella.

Montra produces entry level road, MTB and hybrid cycles for the Indian market. The brand was founded in 2011, to rival Firefox.

You can check out the Montra series of cycles on the Montra Website.

OMO Bikes

OMO Bikes is a Karnal based company started by a ‘bunch of IIT Grads’!

The original plan was to make a solar powered cycle. The plan was a success but it wasn’t commercially viable.

Now OMO Bikes makes E-Bikes and city commuters.

You can check out their range on the OMO Bikes Website.

Contribute by: Prasad Reddi


Orbea was founded in 1840 as a gun manufacturer by the Orbea brothers in Spain. In 1930, the company stopped manufacturing guns and started manufacturing bicycles.

One unique attribute of this Spanish company is that in 1969, when the Orbea family couldn’t manage the company, the employees bought it over and formed a cooperative.

Today Orbea produces top level road and mountain bikes.

Soccer International, Jalandhar, imports and distributes Orbea cycles in India.

You can check out the range of Orbea cycles on the Bums On The Saddle Website.

Polygon Bikes

Polygon Bikes is an Indonesian cycle brand. It was founded in 1989.

The company produces road, MTBs, hybrids and E-Bikes.

Amongst the cycle brands in India Polygon Bikes are considered to be one of the value for money bicycles. Wheel Sports imports these bikes in India.

You can check out the range of Polygon Bikes on the BOTS Website.


PPOF or Pedal Power On Foldie is an Indian brand founded in 2016. The company is specifically into building folding bicycles for the Indian market.

Currently they have 3 foldie models.

You can check them out on the PPOF Website.

Psynyde Bikes

Psynyde Bikes is a Pune based custom bicycle maker. The founder Praveen, started with building parts for mountain bikes, when there were none available in the country.

Eventually in 2008 he established the company and started building custom bicycle frames. There are two mass produced models as well, the Furan, which is an MTB and the Oxygen, a hybrid.

If interested in getting a custom bicycle frame built for yourself. Get in touch with them on the Psynyde Website.

Pure Cycles

Pure Cycles, formerly Pure Fix Cycles, was founded in 2010 in California.

The company focuses on building good looking commuter cycles which don’t cost a bomb. Even though they do make road bikes and even E-Bikes. The company is primarily involved in cool urban bikes.

Bums On The Saddle sells Pure Cycles in India.

You can check out the cool range of Pure Cycles commuters on the BOTS Website.

Raleigh Cycles

Raleigh Cycles is originally a British brand which started in 1885. Like most British cycle brands the company changed ownership multiple times.

Currently Dutch corporation Accell owns Raleigh, which it bought in 2012. Accell also owns Lapierre and Ghost.

All three companies are imported and distributed by Suncross Bikes in India.

Raleigh sells entry-level MTBs, road bikes, hybrids, tandems and kids bikes in the country.

You can check out the range of Raleigh Cycles on the Suncross Bikes Website.

Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes is a Belgian company. Founded in 1997. Jochim Aerts the founder of the company used to build custom bikes for other brands for 7 years before going on to start his own. He named the company after his favourite movie director, Ridley Scott!

Ridley manufactures bikes for every segment of the cycling market.

TI Cycles sells Ridley bikes in India.

You can check out the range of Ridley Bikes on the Track & Trail Website.

Road Master Cycles

Road Master Cycles is a Delhi based manufacturer. The company started in 2014 in India.

More than 170 stores sell Road Master cycles. They sell 1.5 lakh cycles a year. A sister brand called Tanry also exists. Entry level hybrids, roadsters and MTBs are the mainstay of the company.

You can check out the entire range of cycles on the Road Master India Website.

Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bikes is an American company, founded in Chicago in 1895. For the better part of a century, the company was the leader in bicycles in USA.

As the years progressed, Schwinn struggled to keep up with first the British cycle brands, then the European cycles and finally Japanese production. The company eventually went bankrupt. Dorel Industries took it over.

TI Cycles sells Schwinn bikes in India.

You can find the range of Schwinn Bikes on the Track & Trail Website.

Scolarian Bikes

A relatively newer entrant amongst the cycle brands in India, Scolarian Bikes is based in Coimbatore.

The company aims to build gorgeous cycles, to inspire people to pedal, by making them fall in love with two wheels.

Scolarian also makes custom bikes as per the rider’s requirements. Bikes which are available off the shelf are steel fixies and single speeds for urban use.

You can check out their range of bikes on the Scolarian Website.

Scott Sports

Scott Sports is a multi-sport brand, founded in 1958. It started off with making ski poles, before it branched out into multiple adventure sports.

Scott Sports though originally an American company now has its headquarters in Switzerland.

Scott produces race winning bikes in both mountain and road bike categories.

The company is officially present in India without any intermediary distributors or dealers.

You can view the whole range of MTBs, road bikes, hybrids and more on the Scott Sports India Website.

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Specialized is an American company. It started in 1974. The company started producing cycles in 1981. With the boom in mountain biking in USA, the company became deeply involved in the sport.

Currently, Specialized produces cycles in all segments of the industry.

Amongst the cycle brands in India, Specialized is imported and sold by Bums On The Saddle, Bangalore.

You can check out the range of Specialized bikes on the BOTS Website.

Suncross Bikes

Suncross Bikes is a Ludhiana based cycle company. It not just produces and sells cycles in India, but is also an important importer of multiple global companies.

Suncross makes and sells entry level MTBs, hybrids and road bikes for the Indian market.

You can check out their range on the Suncross Bikes Website.

Surly Bikes

Surly started in 1998. It is based in Minnesota, USA.

The company primarily focuses on steel touring cycles of various kinds.

Happy Earth imports and distributes Surly Bikes in India.

You can check out the range on the Happy Earth Website.

Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes, founded in 1975. It is based in Wisconsin, USA.

The American brand has since steadily grown in their domestic market as well as globally. Along the way Trek acquired many cycling brands and merged it into the company.

Trek is just one of the two global cycling brands to be directly present in India. Firefox Bikes distributed their bikes in the country. Later the company took the plunge directly into the country.

Currently Trek Bikes sells a wide range of cycles in India. You can check them out on the Trek Bikes India Website.

Wilier Triestina

Wilier Triestina is an Italian bicycle brand. The company began operations in 1906.

Like many other Italian brands, Wilier also built on a strong racing foundation. But with the increase in the sale of automobiles, cycles took a hit and in 1952 this Italian brand shut shop.

In 1969 it restarted. It has been producing road race bikes since.

Byk India imports and sells Wilier Triestina bikes. You can check out the range of Wilier cycles on the UI World Website.


XDS started in 1995 in China. Its Indian subsidiary in Surat imports the brand.

The company is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in China.

You can view their range of cycles on the XDS India Website.

Contributed by: Pushkar Kashalikar

Cycle Brands in India

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