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    Here’s a list of the best bicycle races in Maharashtra, where you can work on your skills and competitive spirit. The list comprises road and mountain bike races.

    Amateur races are arguably the purest form of racing. You spend money, time, energy and for what. Just for pride. To beat your competition. And feel that adrenalin rush.

    You don’t win big prize money, no photographs in the newspaper, no adulating fans.

    There is only one reason why you go racing at these amateur races. For the love of the sport. Because from the racers to the organisers to the volunteer marshals, every single person is there because they are brimming with passion for the sport.

    These amateur races are also an excellent testing ground for the competitive folk to sharpen their skills. It lets you push yourself to the limits, with nothing at stake, but pride.

    There is no quicker way to get fitter on a bike than racing. Having your ass whooped by your riding buddy, will make you pull out all stops to extract sweet revenge in the next race. In the process you and your buddy, will get faster…

    The race organisers’ list below is not exhaustive. If you feel we have missed out on any bicycle races, let us know in the comments below!

    Bicycle Races in Maharashtra

    WSSM Races

    Some of the best road races organised in Maharashtra are by a single entity, WSSM (Western State Sports Management). Kudos to them for building a strong series of races to keep people ‘busy’ throughout the year.

    You can get in touch with this Pune based outfit, for all their races, on their Instagram page.

    Sahyadri Classic

    The feather in the WSSM cap. The Sahyadri Classic is an incredible race format, which the organisers describe as the ‘Ultra Climbing Cycle Race’. It is a race in which you climb 4 different ghats around the city of Pune in Maharashtra.

    Racers from around the country come here to test their mettle, as this race sees participation from some of the top guns of the Indian racing fraternity.

    There are multiple categories in this race making it all the more accommodation, including categories where you race all 4 ghats or only 2 ghats. The race is generally held in January.

    Road Series Road Races and ITTs

    WSSM also organises a series of monthly road races and ITTs. While these do not see the kind of participation as the Sahyadri Classic, it does see the best from Pune and around, racing their heart out.

    The races are held in and around Pune, and you can really hone your skills racing with the fast boys of Pune. Races are held at frequent intervals throughout the year.

    Panshet Parikrama

    40 km from Pune is Panshet Dam, around which this race is organised by WSSM. The race is 67 km long with 991 metres of elevation gain.

    There are multiple categories for this race as well. It is a race, adventure and recreation as well, where the organisers say, you can bring your family along for the picnic!

    This event is organised in November.

    Peaks Challenge

    The Peaks Challenge is another climb fest by WSSM.

    There is the 1 peak, 2 peak and 3 peaks challenge in this event. With the climbing ranging from 582 to 1766 metres of elevation gain. Depending on the amount of suffering and torture you want to put your body through!

    The Peaks Challenge is generally held in the month of September, immediately after the rains.

    Rayate MTB Fest

    Organised by Kalyan Cyclists Foundation for the last 5 years, the Rayate MTB Fest is a one of its kind MTB race held in Maharashtra, near the village of Rayate in Kalyan district.

    This mountain biking fest has two formats of racing, XCO and Enduro, with the latter being a niche event. The races see participation from riders of Maharashtra and other neighbouring states.

    A signature event by the active folks of Kalyan, which CyclingMonks partnered in 2022. You can read about MTB Rayate Fest 2022.

    You can get in touch with them for details on their next race on their Instagram page.

    Thanks to Nikhil Anandsekar for helping us put this list together.

    If you know of any bicycle races in Maharashtra that we have missed out, let us know in a comment below.

    Also read, bicycle races in Odisha, bicycle races in Tamil Nadu and bicycle races in Gujarat. See the top bicycle races in India.

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